The Luggie Standard

The Luggie Standard

The Luggie - Mobility and Portability!

If you can take it with you then it is useful everywhere.

The Luggie Standard

  • The Luggie Mobility Scooter is the most versatile travel scooter in the world! You can be take it on any form of public transport. go up or down most inclines and it will never let you down!
  • You get range and reliability. The Luggie comes with the latest battery technology as it uses a Lithium Polymer battery. The same technology that is being used in the latest electric cars!
  • The Luggie's smart folding system makes it the world's most compact scooter, and the folding and unfolding really is as easy as it looks!
  • You can take the Luggie folding scooter on board trains, planes, buses, cruise ships, trams and pretty much anywhere else you can think of!
  • Fits in 96% of car boots including smart cars! It trolleys behind you to take on the bus and simply sits in front of you like a shopping basket would.

The Luggie is a cool, well designed bit of gear. But is it for you? Why not talk to us about it? Contact us, or call us on 03 52 4444 88

The Luggie Standard is available for immediate purchase and delivery. Luggie Buggy can mail your Luggie anywhere in Australia!

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Watch a video on how you unpack and prepare your Luggie for use. It also shows how to load the Luggie into your car.

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